What is Betterhalf?

Ever wish you could be rewarded for all your hard work around the house? And no, we’re not talking about a casual “thanks babe” from your partner. We’re talking about real rewards like massages, breaky in bed and sexual favours.

The latest offering in the iTunes App store allows couples to compete against each other by collecting points completing everyday chores. These points can then be used to purchase favours from your partner.  From social media bans, to blow jobs Betterhalf is a fun game for couples to really spice things up.

How to play

BetterHalf is a fun game to play with your partner, allowing you to collect points by completing everyday chores. You can then use these points to collect favours off your partner.

  • Connect with your partner
  • Complete everyday chores around the house
  • Send your partner proof
  • Use your points to buy favours off your partner

Pick your game mode based on how kinky you and your partner like to get.

Best App For Couples

Finally, an App for couples that isn’t some lame game invented by nerds.

Betterhalf is the only game where the winner can chose from massages, blow jobs, breakfast in bed, etc….


Have a listen to what some of our customers think of the App

“I’ve never seen him do more around the house. He nearly pushes me out of the way to clean the kitchen. Clearly I don’t mind, I win either way. Haha”

Bibi Jellema
Betterhalf Customer

“I can’t even remember when my last blowjob was before we started playing this App. Can’t beat that moment you finally get enough points to buy one”

Tom Baker
Betterhalf Customer

We literally came up with the idea at the pub after getting roasted by our girlfriends because they think we do fuck all around the house. Before we knew it, we’re drawing up a whole points system for chores around the house, and more importantly what these favours can buy you off your partner. Haha

Matt & Paul
App Creators

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Betterhalf is available now in the iTunes store. Download and invite your partner to play.